Living Sucessfully With Mental Illness

Many people among us live successfully with mental illness. However, it is rare that people speak of their own experiences because of the heavy stigma attached to such diagnoses. I feel that needs to change. How are we going to provide mentors for those seeking wellness tools needed to live with their illness, if no one wants to talk about it?

In May of 2012, I began writing a bimonthly column on living successfully with mental illness entitled, “Pebbles, Potholes, and Perspective” for a spiritual-based online magazine, The Nauvoo Times. This column is based on my personal experiences living with schizoaffective disorder. This column covers a wide variety of recovery-based topics including learning finding hope, learning how to live with a mental illness, developing coping skills, strengthening empowerment, making wise choices, becoming accountable for decisions, strengthening rapport with providers, medication management, developing a WRAP and many more.

I was also wrote a guest essay for Real Intent entitled How To Help Someone Who Is Depressed: An LDS Perspective.

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