Publications on Recovery Topics

Below you will find links to peer reviewed articles and chapters which illustrate the Recovery Model from an academic perspective.

  • Ashcraft, L., Zeeb, M., Martin, C. (2007). Peer Employment Training Workbook. (3rd ed.). Phoenix, AZ: Recovery Opportunity Center.
  • Reisner, A. D. (2005). The common factors, empirically validated treatments, and recovery models. The Psychological Record. 55:3. pg. 377
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. (2012). SAMHSA’s working definition updated. Retrieved from
  • For a comprehensive history on the Recovery Movement since it’s inception until the present, in 2010 William Anthony and Lori Ashcraft penned a chapter in Mental Health Services: A public health perspective entitled The recovery movement.  Oxford University Press(465-479).

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